Approved for use on Shabbat and Yom Tov



Shabbat Foundation

The Newest Breakthrough in Cosmetic Technology: Makeup that is Healthy for Your Skin. Mineral foundation is for normal to dry skin type. Soft, light, and so incredibly natural, it goes on like silk. Formulated from elements derived from earth minerals, these powders scatter light. They leave no greasy shine, no cakey texture–just the glow of natural beauty. Provide natural protection from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, non comedegenic, hypoallergenic, water resistant. Great for sensitive and allergy prone skin. Covers and helps calm inflammation from acne and rosacea.

On Shabbat apply around your blush in acircular motion with a brush. (No sponges, fingers or applications may be used) 
You cannot blend two colors together to create a new shade. You must use a separate brush for every color so you are not blending two colors. No sponges, applicators or fingers may be used. .You can reapply the same color with its own brush as often as you like. You may not apply Shabbat makeup onto non-Shabbat makeup (applied before Shabbat) 

Rabbi Heinemann
Rabbi Blumenkrantz

Mineral Powder Foundation - Light